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Geraldton wax supplier
Geraldton wax grower in south africa
Geraldton wax
Geraldton wax lowensvlei
Geraldton wax supplier in south africa
Geraldton wax is an Australian Fynbos popular with bouquet-makers as an economical way to fill out a bunch and provide a background of pretty wax flowers with foliage. Wholesalers buy this product for their supermarket bunches.

It has a good vase life, is pretty and transports well. For these reasons, it is the farm’s main export product.

Lowensvlei’s flowering wax season starts in June until the beginning of November, but the farm sells the very economical 'wax greens' bunches throughout the year.

When a few varieties are in flower, Lowensvlei also offers a 'Wax Mix' box at a very good price. This product is proving popular with florists who like getting a colour range of wax flowers for their weekly bouquets and arrangements.
MB Violet Geraldton wax
Ophir Geraldton wax
Artic Ice Geraldton wax
My Sweet Sixteen Geraldton wax
MB Violet (Cerise flowers, red buds)
Ophir (Also sold in bud form)
Artic Ice (Very fragrant white flower)
My Sweet Sixteen
Tiena's Delight Geraldton wax
Raspberry Ripple Geraldton wax
Chantilly Lace Geraldton wax
Adi Geraldton wax
Tiena's Delight
Raspberry Ripple
Chantilly Lace